Beer & WineFRESH offers the most expansive selection of beer & wine in the Tyler area. Just like other departments in the store, the beer and wine aisles are full of the items you know and unique items to try.

With nearly 2,000 wines we have high quality and great tasting choices at every price point. To help you navigate the selections, look for rating points on the shelf from some of the top wine publications.

The aisles are organized by region and varietal so it’s easy to find wines from many different countries like New Zealand, Australia, Italy and France, as well as Cabernets from California and Washington or a Blanc du Bois from Texas. We also have the largest selection of boxed wines, sparkling wines and sweet wines.

On the beer aisle, you’ll find over 400 American craft and import beers alongside the American standards. So, whether you are looking for a stout from Ireland, an IPA from California, a lager from Missouri, or a pilsner from Germany, we have you covered. We also carry the largest selection of gluten-free and non-alcoholic beers, as well as hard cider, hard sodas & seltzers.

A customer favorite is the Pick 6 section. It’s the largest create your own six-pack section in the Tyler area. You can choose from cider, gluten-free, imports, domestics and a large selection of craft beers. It’s a great way to find some new favorites or try seasonal releases from popular brewers.

To keep our large selection of beer and wine from being overwhelming our staff is here to help you. Tell us your likes, follow us on Twitter @FRESHiesTweet or sign up for BREW CLUB by FRESH and WINE CLUB by FRESH to be the first to know when a new product arrives.