SeafoodSeafood is all about freshness. So the seafood at FRESH is the freshest in the Tyler area. We have a money-back freshness guarantee and shipments come in throughout the week. Many fish are flown in to ensure the highest level of freshness. In fact, most items in our seafood case were probably swimming in the ocean just two days before they arrived.

Another advantage of our seafood selection is regional variety. We have local favorites like farm-raised Texas catfish, redfish and rainbow trout. Authentic Louisiana crawfish and fresh shrimp from the Gulf are available as well.

We also bring in the best seafood from around the world and U.S. coastal waters – favorites like lobster, crab, mussels, clams, shrimp, scallops, salmon, sea bass, halibut, flounder, tuna and more. Selections are rotated from week to week, based on the freshest catch.

Want us to do the work for you? We can peel shrimp, shuck oysters and filet a whole fish, as well as steaming many items while you shop.

Plus, we offer gumbos, chowders, seafood salads, marinated crab claws, stuffed crabs, salmon patties, dips and seafood sauces that are made in-house.

We know preparing fish can be a bit intimidating, so our entire seafood team is trained to advise you on preparation and cooking techniques. There’s really nothing to fear when it comes to fish.

Some other unique items you’ll find only at FRESH include large U-8 sea scallops, blue point oysters and fresh Hawaiian opah filets.