Market burgerMeat is the star of any meal and we want to make sure you purchase the best quality cut for whatever dish you are preparing. At FRESH, even the most common varieties of beef, chicken, pork or lamb are simply a higher quality than what you’re used to finding in a grocery store.

Our meat is expertly trimmed so it’s ready to cook without the added prep time. This practice also maximizes the amount of meat you take home and consume so you don’t end up paying for fat, inedible portions and bones that will simply end up in the trash.

Our market staff is always here to answer questions about cooking techniques, various cuts, seasoning and quality. They are also experts in trimming so we can offer cuts you won’t see anywhere else like ribeye satay, tenderloin tips and hanger steaks.

The FRESH Market also features exclusive house-made items like 15 varieties of fresh sausage, flavored breakfast sausage, gourmet burgers and marinated meats. All of it comes ready to cook and serve so you can take credit for the flavor!

Delicious Reasons to Shop at the FRESH Market:

  1. Hormel Natural Choice – Minimally processed, no artificial flavors, no added growth hormones or antibiotic injections within 100 days of processing. It contains wonderful pork flavor and texture that is not watered down or enhanced with a saline mixture.
  2. Certified Angus Beef – There’s a big difference between Angus and Certified Angus, and you will notice it most in flavor and texture. Graded on marbling, size and uniformity, the inspectors use 10 science-based standards that exceed USDA meat qualifications.
  3. USDA Prime – Superior grade, amazing flavor, tenderness, juiciness and fine texture. It has the highest degree of marbling because the cuts are derived from younger beef.
  4. Strauss Beef – Raised on open pastures, 100% grass fed & finished, born & raised in the USA. Growth hormones or antibiotics are never administered.
  5. Akaushi & Wagyu Beef – Raised deep in the heart of Texas from ranch to table
  6. Dry Aged Beef – Aged a minimum of 30 days to intensify the flavor. Well-balanced, buttery flavor with extremely tender texture. Available as individual steaks or the entire cut of beef.
  7. Smart Chicken – All products are raised without animal by-products, antibiotics or hormones, are 100% all-natural and processed using purified cold air instead of non-potable water. FRESH carries Smart Chicken organic and Certified Natural.