CharcuterieThere are over 500 reasons – from all around the world – to love our Charcuterie & Cheese department. No matter how often you shop with us you will always discover something new to try.

And don’t be intimidated by the word “Charcuterie.” It’s just the French term for the art of making sausage, salami and other cured, smoked and preserved meat – the perfect accompaniment to all of our fine cheeses.

And speaking of cheese, our selection includes varieties from 15 different countries and also showcases some of the finest artisanal cheeses from Texas and across the United States.

From as close as Longview and as far away as New Zealand, soft cheeses like Belle Chevre from Alabama or hard aged ones like Grana Padano and Parmigiano-Reggiano from Italy are available. You can travel the world of cheese and experience an array of flavors from smoky, salty, creamy, mild and even pungent.

But don’t be overwhelmed by the vast selection, our cheese specialists can help you pick the perfect cheeses for a cheese board or party that complement each other and the other food you are serving. Samples are available and wheels can be cut into wedges of appropriate size.

We even have pre-made sampler trays that contain 3 to 4 varieties of some of our favorite cheeses. This is a great way to try some new cheeses in small quantities.

On the Charcuterie side of the department, international selections, deli favorites and house-roasted meats can be sliced to order.

Our selection includes Spanish cured ham like Ibérico and Serrano, Italian favorites like Prosciutto di Parma and Speck, and authentic German sausages. All of these fine international deli meats are available right next to your favorite deli sandwich meats and our in-house roasted turkey and beef. You can also find other delicacies like truffle butter, foie gras, quail eggs, caviar and pâté.

They say it’s the small details that make a meal go from great to spectacular, so be sure to stop by the olive bar for a selection of fine olives, sun dried tomatoes and marinated cheese. An assortment of fruit paste, honey, candied nuts, crackers and other accompaniments serve as the finishing touch to the perfect spread of cheese and Charcuterie selections.

The department is also home to our authentic pasta machine that was imported all the way from Italy! With this machine, we are able to create homemade, Italian pasta from scratch every day so you can take a little taste of Italy home with you.